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The No 1 Secret Strategy I use to make  Massive cash from Football Games Everyday. {Hint: FM VIP Club}

J. Okorie

John Okorie is a renownede sports writer who is very passionate about helping people.

By John Okorie


If you are reading this, then I know one thing about you, you love football and you want to make money from football. I know this because am just like you.

Few years ago I was in a very bad situation, every day I played games hoping to win big money but almost every time I lost those bets.

In fact the truth is that I never won more than ₦50,000 from football games i played, but I have lost more than ₦1,000,000 to these companies. I was almost giving up because I was tired of losing money.

Till my friend discovered a secret strategy that helped me make over 1,000,000 {one million Naira} just in 90days.

I decided to share this strategy to help those who are tired of losing money and are serious about making between 100-500k every month just from football.

In fact it is not just a secret strategy, it is both a secret strategy and a secret company. The strategy was invented by this company. It is called the “RO1 strength”

 When I was about giving up, one of my friends discovered a company that promised to help people make 100-500k every month from football and charged just 10k per month.

At first we did not believe it, because we have tried many other things like that and we lost so much money.

Then 1 day I was discussing it with 1 of my guys and he said something , he  said “Guy how much you don lose for bet before, why you no fit try am, if you no make am after 1 month you stop”.

 The day my friend told me this was the day my eyes opened  and I saw how stupid I was. I rushed immediately and paid the 10k at diamond bank account of the company.

Can you believe that in the first 30day, I made almost ₦400,000(Four hundred thousand naira), I was mad…….. the 2nd month was about 265k, the 3rd month 390k. That’s about ₦1,000,000 in just 90days.

What did it cost me to join the fm2 club?

  1. Monthly registeration fee of 10,000

  2. Betting account funding of 10,000 { you can start with what you have}

What did the company Provide for me?

  1. Games sent to my email everyday by the company {between 2-10odds}

  2. How to use  the RO1 strategy {the company will explain this better once you join them}. This particular strategy is the key to making it big.

What did I gain?

  1. Yes I made almost 1,000,000 but that’s not all , I was also able to move out of my parents house to my own flat last month

  2. In the next 2months if everything goes well, I will quit the rubbish job that they are paying me only 50k per month and start my own business.

  3. Before December, I will have bought my own car.

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you can use the same method to make between ₦100,000-₦500,000 per month every month.